3 Fashion Trends You Absolutely Need to Embrace Before the Year End!

Though there may be one month left for the end of the year, the race to the holidays comes all too quick. So there is no better time than the present to take a look at the biggest fashion trends to hit the red carpet, as well as the streets, in these last months. From classy bomber jackets to ripped jeans, the once elitist world of high style is becoming more achievable than ever before!

In this new world of fashion, the biggest deal-breaker is comfort. Styling should be comfortable. Otherwise, it is not stylish. Therefore here are the top 3 fashion trends that are timeless and will make your life easier.


  • Don’t give this fashion trend the cold shoulder!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must’ve noticed that cold shoulder tops are back. It is a style that works for both, day and night, and has been embraced by women worldwide because it’s feminine and has a universally flattering appeal. The Jealous 21 Cold Shoulder Top looks great with Jealous 21 Jeans.

Jealous 21 Cold Shoulder Top



  • Flaunt those shoulders!

Trends have a habit of popping up when you just completely forget that they ever existed. This year, we’re biting the bullet & baring it all, at least when it comes to our shoulders. The off shoulder top, upon its return, is a little less grunge, a little more feminine, and the perfect accompaniment to spring denim. The Jealous 21 Off-Shoulder Top is the perfect canvas. It draws attention to your face, giving you an effortlessly charming look!

Jealous 21 Off-Shoulder Top

  • Jean it up!

For a solid decade, the slim fit denim jeans have always dominated our wardrobes and have managed to remain relevant to this day. They are a staple in every collection because they’re the most popular fit for a classic denim dream. Hence the Jealous 21 Super Hottie Jeans will never go out of style because they indulge in fresh variations every season!

So are you ready to end the year most stylishly?

 Jealous 21 Jean it up!

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