5 things that make you an ‘Instagirl’.

There is something so satisfying and addictive about scrolling through your Instagram feed, late in the night or when you’re sitting in the cab on your way home. Double tapping is the cherry on the cake layered with hashtags, filters, followers and so much more! But the biggest guilty pleasure, we all indulge in, is going through the fun process of getting the most flattering picture while wearing that perfect outfit.

Jealous 21 Urban Gypsy Collection


Trendy clothes, flawless makeup and the perfect caption- sounds like the perfect Instagram post, right? Well, it can be, with the following tricks, which will have all your followers double tapping!

Stage it right!

When you want to flaunt your clothes, showcase your fashion sense or just subtly flaunt your off shoulder bohemian top from Jealous 21 Urban Gypsy collection, here’s what to do!

Fold the top neatly and add bright, pop-coloured accessories around it to capture the most flattering picture!

Jealous 21 Urban Gypsy Collection


Backgrounds make it to the foreground!

It’s time to think out of the box and literally go out, in search of that bright wall to make your outfit pop! Before taking a picture, always think about the colors you’re wearing and the ones in the background.  For instance, a pair of Jealous 21 slim jeans with a monochromatic top against a colorful backdrop, can be a fun way to share your #OOTD Insta update!

Don’t think too much!

Unless you’re a professional model, the odds are that most of your photos will be in candid, casual poses with your friends. So it’s important to have fun in your pictures and do what feels natural! Therefore, pair the comfy denim jacket from the Jealous 21 Campus Trend Collection with a dazzling smile and get that Instagram story flooded with replies!

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