Channel Your Inner Bohemian With These Easy-Breezy Looks!

Jealous 21 Urban Gypsy Collection

The words ‘Urban Gypsy’ capture the emotions of a modern world traveller with a down-to-earth ease of a stylish wanderer. A girl who isn’t afraid to embrace her inner bohemian spirit, to conjure magic from the mundane.

The Boho style has no hard and fast rules. In fact, it is the perfect blend of traditional, eclectic colours and comfy cuts, which truly celebrate the bohemian spirit of an ‘Urban Gypsy’.

With the Jealous 21 Urban Gypsy Collection, add a worldly edge to your wardrobe to become a boho goddess. Here’s how to express your unconventional style with this collection. Try these looks and join the tribe of free-spirited explorers!

During the day, when a light summer breeze is flowing, the off-shoulder floral top from the Jealous 21 Urban Gypsy Collection is the best way to add a touch of boho to your look. Sewn in a colourful palette, the floral top can be tucked into a pair of denim shorts and worn with a handmade flower crown, to embrace the Bohemian style.

Jealous 21 Urban Gypsy Collection


Show off that radical spirit with the denim floral jacket from the Jealous 21 Urban Gypsy Collection. Flattering all body types, this edgy piece can uplift any look that you’re carrying for the day. The soft flower work on the sleeves makes it a great boho statement piece. It could easily be paired with basic, blue denim jeans and over-sized sunglasses.

One of the easiest ways to embrace a Bohemian ensemble? Wear the flowy, lemon yellow blouse from Jealous 21 Urban Gypsy Collection to feel the soul of the ancient travelling gypsies. This item can make any woman feel exotic, whether she’s travelling the world or taking a short trip with her girl gang.

Hence, the true essence of an urban gypsy is to adorn yourself with the bohemian colour, spirit and beauty. So try something different- let the carefree vibe bring your closet to life!

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