How to Find the Perfect Skinny Jeans?

Jeans are the perfect article of clothing that practically anyone and everyone can carry off. Skinny jeans for women are in vogue now as everyone can wear them and simply look fabulous! Since they absolutely go with everything, it all depends on how you style them.

Finding the perfect skinny jeans is a dilemma as there are ample of latest jeans for girls to choose from. We all search for super skinny jeans but end up buying poorly-fitting-pants. To make the hunt easy for you, we list down a few guidelines on how to find the perfect skinny jeans.

  1. Get the Right Cut – Most people complain that the skinny jeans were only designed for skinny people, but this is a myth which needs to be busted.  It’s all about selecting the right cut according to your body type. One can easily find the right cut for themselves in the latest trends!
  2. Select high-waist jeans – Jeans that begin from your waist accentuate your shape perfectly. You don’t even have to worry about the muffin top plus it helps accentuate your curves at the right places!
  3. Show some ankle – For the right-fit skinny jeans, make sure they end above your ankle bone; otherwise they might sag at the bottom. Moreover, you can pair them with both sneakers and heels if cut off above the ankle!
  4. Find your hip size – If you find it difficult to pull the skinnies over your thighs or calves, go for a bigger size. Skinnies are close-fitting but you should also be able to move comfortably. Fashion isn’t greater than your comfort! There are 3 hip sizes for every waist size, pick one which fits and makes you look the best. Wondering how to know your size? Visit Hip Fit Guide page to know more.
  5. High Pockets -A butt check during the trial is important! The pockets should be high and close for a good looking posterior. High pockets will make your skinnies look like the perfect fit.

So what makes for perfect skinny jeans?

It should sit at the waist, make your legs look super-toned and should have a classic silhouette look that compliments every body shape.

Once you have found your oh-so-perfect pair of skinny jeans, here’s how you could style them:

Perfect Skinny Jeans

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