I am a woman…and I have the freedom of choice!

Biking…Mountaineering…Piloting…The Army…these are words that lead us to automatically associate them with BOYS…or MEN…But never GIRLS! And we wonder WHY?

Is it because these activities are considered dangerous and ‘girls can’t handle it?’ Or because these activities are not ‘womanly things’ to do? Well, we beg to differ! People have just wrongly assumed that these activities/professions/hobbies are meant ‘just for the boys.’
But ever so slowly, this notion is beginning change.

“Freedom of choice” and “Women Empowerment” go hand in hand. And when talking about freedom of choice, a girl has every right to CHOOSE her hobby or profession…without having to deal with unpleasant comments or stony stares! A girl can definitely go in for the same activities as her male counterparts…she just has to put her mind to it!

And NO…just because a girl is interested in a ‘male-dominated’ industry, doesn’t mean she’s defying society…that’s just plain old stereotyping! It only means that she’s genuinely interested in the said profession or activity…plain and simple! There isn’t any rule that classifies activities as ‘for boys’ or ‘for girls’. An activity is open for ALL…a concept people are slowly beginning to grasp!

As women empowerment surges, women are now breaking all barriers and entering into all kinds of fields! We now have women in the sports industry, the army, the navy, the air force, etc. Women have realized that their gender doesn’t have to come in the way of their dreams! And if they want something, they should just go ahead and get it!

Women also know that there will ALWAYS be some people who will not quite be able to handle their entrance and success in a male-dominated field. And as time progresses, women are developing the perfect attitude towards such people…an attitude of indifference. So to everyone who has something to say about our choice in hobby or profession, they should probably just butt out…because no matter what, we will still go ahead and accomplish our dreams!

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