“Take me as I am…”

Nowadays, this seems to be the mantra for girls all over our country. And rightly so as well! After years of being trampled upon, stereotyped, and pushed into a corner, young girls have started breaking out from under the shadows!

From the time a girl is born, she listens to things like “You can’t play cricket with the boys! You’re a GIRL! That is not a done thing!” or “You can’t go out past 6 PM! What will society think?” or “You’re wearing THAT to meet the relatives? Isn’t that a tad bit inappropriate?” and so on! She has always had life DICTATED to her! No option of free will!

Well, THAT is surely changing! And with a bang! Girls are now stepping up and standing their ground! “It’s MY life…I play by MY rules.” This resonates among all the young girls in India today! The realization has dawned that living up to the stereotypes just doesn’t work anymore!


She’s supposed to be weak, okay, but she’s also supposed to be thin and fit. She’s supposed to be sweet and sexual and available, but she’s also supposed to be virginal and unattainable. No girl in the world could fulfill everything a “female” is supposed to be. It’s a rigged game. And now, young girls have decided to live life their own way! Gone are the days when you push a girl around and she bows her head and listens to you. And if you try, well then God save you!

So what if she like keeping her hair short? That doesn’t make her any less of a girl! So what if she has guy friends? That doesn’t mean she’s a tramp! So what if she likes wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt? That doesn’t make her any less ladylike! SO WHAT?!

Jealous21 - Butt Out

How does the lifestyle a girl leads affect the rest of society? How do her personal choices bother the rest of the world? Why does EVERYBODY need to keep such a close watch on what a girl does or says? Doesn’t she have the right to live however SHE wants to?

Society…The world…The nosy relatives…all of them need to BUTT OUT! If you want to teach a girl to be independent, let her live her own life. If she makes mistakes, she’ll LEARN…if she needs help, she’ll ASK. But let her be the lead in her own movie! And know this…she WILL be a star!

Jealous21 - Butt Out

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