The Top 3 Fashion Trends Every Girl MUST Know!

Ahhh…Fashion! It’s what we all love, but is also what confounds us to the maximum as well! Autumn Winter trends, Spring Summer trends…all sorts of trends all year round! And by the end of it, our mind is just as boggled as it was before we went through all of those fashion magazines in search of the ‘current trend.’

So before you’re left feeling ‘fashionably clueless’, Jealous 21 brings you the top 3 fashion trends of the season. The MUST HAVES that will make sure that you spend the season making heads turn!

Boho’s Back: And with a BANG! This season, Boho is not about flowy billowy dresses, hippie-style lose pants, or flower crowns! This ‘Bohemian season’ is all about incorporating the Boho-ness into your everyday wear…weather a day at work or a night with friends! Sometimes, a bohemian printed maxi might be just a little…‘out there’ for an evening with friends! So to make the best of both worlds, a bodycon dress printed in Boho style is just what is needed to complete the ‘Bohemian night out’ look! Something like the image below would work brilliantly if you want to go Bohemian for a night on the town



Graphic Prints: Bold shapes, bright colours, cartoon prints…this doesn’t seem too new does it? But no matter how old we think this gets, it never truly goes out of style! Graphic prints is that trend that manages to stay on the ‘trend radar’ no matter how much time has passed! By fusing different patterns and colours together, a graphic look is created that is sure to grab eyeballs! Wear a graphic tee with some solid colored pants or a pair of jeans to create the ultimate ‘casual-yet-chic’ look! Or pair a graphic hoodie with some shorts for the perfect ‘lounge-around’ look!


It’s Aztec all the way: Call it what you want, but Aztec prints have been taking the world by storm off late! Horizontal lines, graphic shapes and designs in all colours…this is what primarily defines the uber cool ‘Aztec print.’ The Aztec print is quite easy to don! Just pick one striking Aztec printed piece and pair it with a single colored garment! This ensures that the look remains classy and not overbearingly South American!


And there you have it! The top three fashion trends you NEED to follow this season! And always remember, the ONE THING that will make you stand out in a crowd…is confidence! So put on your best outfit, ooze that confidence, and OWN the room you’re in!

All the outfits in the above images can be purchased at Jealous 21’s e-Shop



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