The top three Spring Summer 2015 trends!

The Spring Summer season of 2015 is here! And with the spring summer season comes the bright cheer of the spell as well! Autumn Winter was done before we knew it…and now it’s time to stack up your wardrobe with Spring Summer wear! Lest you be left behind in the fashion world.

So here we present the top three Spring Summer 2015 fashion trends!

Dynamo Denims: Denims are cool by themselves. And let’s admit, we have always thought they are perfect! These denims are specially designed with stretch yarn. And designed in such a way that the memory of the shape remains after the first wear! So you will never find a pair of denims that fit more snugly! The stretch yarn used has a mixture of fibers which help with comfort, stretch, and shape retention.

Bright & Colorful Tees: Of course this is a part of the top Spring Summer 2015 trend alert! A bright season will most definitely call for bright and cheery tees! Make sure you have an entire section dedicated to bright tees! They’re surely going to come in handy this season! Pair these tees up with some good old fashioned pair of jeans…and that’s enough to make some heads turn!

Glitzy Glam: Yes this is something that we have seen a lot! Especially at night! From black tops with subtle embellished, to delicate ethereal white dresses, the glitz trend this time is more subtle and dormant than loud and gaudy! The trend this time is in such a way that we can carry off the glitz trend during the day as well as at night!

And there you have it! Our pick of the top three Spring Summer 2015 trends that every girl must definitely be aware of AND own! But remember, colours and patterns and styles will come and go! What will make YOU stand out in the crowd is confidence! So whatever you wear and wherever you go, make sure you walk with oodles of confidence…like you own the room!

Because, NO ONE other than you can be better at being YOU!

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