The Ultimate Look Book for 2017 Trends

It’s unbelievable that we already nearing the end of 2017. It’s true, time goes by really fast!  And as rightly said, time waits for no one, not even for fashion.

How about we give you a fashion lookbook just to keep you updated with the fashion trends in 2017? Oh! We totally love doing this.

Presenting fashion lookbook 2017; here’s everything from the latest trend in jeans to how to style the super skinny jeans.

  • Crop top and skirts fever – If you’re looking for an outfit idea that’s both stylish and flattering, then the trend of pairing a crop top with a skirt will be your new favourite. It totally raises the glam quotient.
  • Sleeve Saga - Combine your sleeves with some drama and you’re ready to sizzle. Ruffled sleeve tops over jeans and dresses with bell sleeves are a simple way to dress without any fuss. Sleeves truly define the glam game of 2017.
  • Bomber Jacket - The interest in this clothing staple is unparalleled this year. Bomber Jackets are the hottest trend and are having a fashion moment now. This athleisure inspired jacket is all you need for the dapper look.
  • Cold Shoulder - 2017 is the season for subtle flaunting. The cold shoulder top trend is what defines elegance with peek-a-boo details. Just the right mix of sophistication with oomph can be paired with casual jeans or a flirty skirt alike.
  • Edgy Embroidery - The present vibrant and elegant trend of 2017 is bold embroidery on any fabric that you can imagine, from rugged denims to sheer chiffons. Add a hint of fun and quirk to your boring jeans, skirt or tees.

So, there you have it, 5 of the most important fashion trends of 2017. Which have probably put you in the mood for shopping – so check out our #CampusTrends & #UrbanGypsy lookbooks online here to find all the latest trends at Jealous21.

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